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How to Choose the Best Facility Out of All the Great Nursing Homes in Texas

The nursing homes in Texas provide excellent care for your elderly loved ones – the decision to move your aging relative to a nursing facility is extremely hard, maybe one of the hardest you will ever have to make, but knowing that you beloved mother, father aunt or uncle is in excellent hands can give you some consolation. If you think that it is time to look for a nursing home, but you don’t know where and ow to start, here are a few tips about how to research and evaluate facilities.

Identifying Nursing Homes in Texas

Carry out an online research or simply use the phone book to find nursing homes in Tyler TX close to where you live. Put together a list of at least five facilities, then check if they have websites – if they do, check the websites to find out more about them. Have a look at the page that describes their services, check the picture gallery and read the testimonials page, too – you will find lots of useful information on the website.

Personal Impressions

Continue by contacting the facilities on your list. Call the selected nursing homes and arrange a guided tour of the nursing home. Pay attention to everything from the way they answer the phone to cleanliness and the behavior of the staff, from overall appearance and atmosphere to care quality. If your relative has difficulties moving, check if the facility is disabled-friendly.

Ask for an information package and don’t be shy to ask any question that comes to your mind about living in the home. Find out about social life, too – the possibility to socialize and to make friends is very important for quality life in the nursing facility.

If you want to see what life in the home is really like, return for a second visit – this time without announcing it. You will meet different staff members and you will be able to check whether the place is indeed as good as the facility manager told you during your first visit.

Visiting with Your Relative

Whatever you think about the nursing homes you have seen, the final decision belongs to your relative (if he or she can make that decision, of course). After you have visited all the homes on your list, cut the ones you didn’t like at all and take your relative to see the others. Try to go around lunch time and sample the meals served – food is a very important part of life, so you must make sure your relative likes what he or she is served day by day. Take your relative to see at least one room, then spend some time in the garden  and talk to the staff – it will make the transition easier.

Nursing homes can provide solutions that are great for your elderly relative and for your entire family – take your time to choose the right home and involve your relative in the decision as much as possible and everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of the difficult decision.