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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers For Your Fairy-Tale Night

You are only getting married once, so you want your wedding flowers to be perfect. It is understandable, and there are solutions for you. The first thing you have to do is choose a color for your arrangements.

In a dream, fairy-tale wedding, everything has to match. So, if your wedding dress is white, you could go for violet, blue or purple flower arrangements. This way, the contrast will help highlight your bridal outfit.

Hydrangea is a perfect choice for this kind of arrangements. Its rich blossoms can make beautiful violet or blue centerpieces, while your bouquet could be assorted with pieces of tweedia – which is the only flower in the world that comes in an amazing shade of sky blue.

If your dress is cream, pale pink or a shade of dirty white, your flower arrangements should be paler as well. Lilac, certain orchids and even blossoming oregano are the perfect choice in this case.

They come in shades of pale pink, white or other similar colors that will perfectly match your wedding dress. Make sure that your bride’s maids are also wearing the right colors, and the table arrangements match everything else. This way, your wedding flowers will definitely add to the magic of your perfect wedding night. Flower shops in Denver can be very helpful to you in making the perfect selection!