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When Does It Make Sense To Use A Massage Therapist?

Time For A Massage Therapist

The therapeutic massage, as the name suggests, is indicated in situations of impairment of the functional balance of the body. Some types of therapeutic massage include orthopedic massage and neuromuscular therapy (indicated to treat pain and problems with the circulatory system).

The therapeutic massage has been practiced for thousands of years and comprises over 80 massage styles, which differ from one another through the technique and movements used as well as the pressure exerted on the patient’s body.

The benefits of this type of massage have been proven by many studies and controlled trials – one of these was carried out in Seattle, on 64 people suffering from neck pain and demonstrated that therapeutic massage improves motor functions and eliminates symptoms.

It is important to note that therapeutic massage should be used as a complementary therapy and practiced only by specialized therapists (doctors specialized in physiotherapy or therapeutic massage). It does not replace medication, but it is usually indicated alongside a medical treatment.


Characteristics of the therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is more than a relaxing therapy, because its principles and techniques are aimed at treating the patient’s diagnosed condition. So, we are talking about a number of other benefits to the body, related to immunity, tension, muscle tone, blood circulation etc.

The therapeutic massage involves several disciplines:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Cranio-sacral therapy
  • Orthopedic massage
  • Decontracting massage
  • Toning massage


Therapeutic Massage Technique

In therapeutic massage, hands and fingers are commonly used, but forearms, elbows or legs can also be an option.

The massage technique may vary, involving mild pressure or deep pressure, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. If all the movements are properly executed, the pain will be greatly reduced right from the first sessions, and the patient will gradually regain his / her mobility.

Hot packs (clay or gel bags) can also be used, heated to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. Their role in therapeutic massage is to warm the area and prepare it for the massage.

Other techniques used in therapeutic massage include deep massage, pressopuncture and stretching.  Search for a chiropractor Denver near me to find a therapist in your community to help alleviate the stress of getting there.


When should you choose therapeutic massage?

Because it is an alternative solution indicated in treating several health problems, being considered an excellent complementary therapy, it is usually the specialist who can advise a patient to try the therapeutic massage.

Doctors take into account the type of condition the patient suffers from, as well as the short-term and long-term effects (reduction of inflammation or pain and using therapeutic massage associated with other procedures – acupuncture, kinetotherapy, physiotherapy…).

Generally, if the patient does not suffer from certain health problems where any type of massage is contraindicated, therapeutic massage remains a good complementary therapy option. Among the conditions that can be treated successfully using therapeutic massage are:

  • Joint problems
  • Spinal cord disorders
  • Muscular and neuro-muscular dystrophy
  • Venous or lymphatic circulatory disorders
  • Degenerative rheumatism

In situations of functional imbalance, the results are more quickly achieved through therapeutic massage than in the case of organic disorders. In both situations, however, patient cooperation is very important.



Is Laser Body Sculpting a Permanent Solution, or Will I Grow Cellulite Again?

How long will the results of laser cellulite removal last? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by potential patients before accepting the procedure. There is a misconception related to all sorts of weight loss and cosmetic liposuction treatments: that they last forever, no matter what.  San Diego body contouring is one of the best options.

Help the Procedure, Help Yourself

The only way in which you can maintain the positive results is by making the right choices for your future lifestyle. Eating healthily and exercising are two great ways not only for continuing to look slim and toned, but also for being healthier and feeling full of energy.

Therefore, the only correct answer is: the effects of the procedure last for as long as you look after yourself, avoid unhealthy food, and stay active. There is no magic procedure to keep you forever thin and good looking, irrespective of your choices in your life.

In other words, if you continue an unhealthy lifestyle, without exercise, the cellulite and fat deposits will return in time. It is a natural response of your body and it cannot be helped. This is why you should motivate yourself to make a change in your life starting with the laser cellulite removal procedure and to continue to look good and feel healthy and energetic from then on.

Relieving Foot Pain with the Help of Eden Prairie Massage Therapy

When you spend a lot of time standing or you walk long distances on a regular basis, foot massage Edan Prairie therapists can help reduce the stress these activities put on your feet. Here is how professional therapists ease the discomfort sensation their patients resent in their feet:

  • The first step is to choose the oil used for the massage, because the effectiveness of the techniques depends on it. Usually, therapists rely on oils that not only go easily into the skin, but are also known for their healing qualities.
  • The soles and heels are the areas most professional masseurs prefer as starting points for the therapy session. Once these parts are properly massaged, therapists advance to the upper part of the feet.
  • Using their thumbs, professionals rub, squeeze and apply pressure on the feet. Of all the parts of the body, the feet are the most resistant to pressure. However, the intensity of the massage depends on each patient’s sensibility.
  • The ankles are perhaps the legs’ parts where the daily strain is resented most intensely, so specialists insist longer on these areas. Massage therapy professionals stretch the skin, so that the oil can penetrate better into it, while relieving the pain in the ankles’ bones and muscles.

What Are the Qualities a Good Massage Therapy Professional Should Have?

People interested in pursuing a career as a massage specialist have to posses numerous skills and to accumulate a lot of knowledge. Here are some of the attributes necessary for activating in this profession:

  • With the help of massage, a great number of health issues are treated, and therapists should know what these issues are. They also have to correctly identify the conditions each patient suffers from, for determining if massage is the right solution for them. For this, the masseurs need extensive knowledge on pathology.
  • The massage professionals should also be able to correctly identify the muscles and bones of the human body. This is why a great part of their professional training is dedicated to studying physiology and anatomy.
  • A good interaction with the patients is another necessary quality of a competent masseur. Therapists should be good listeners, so as to understand what the specific requests of each patient are. They must also possess good communication skills, so that they can explain to the patients the stages a certain technique involves.

Last, but not least, a massage therapist has to be able to keep records in good order. On one hand, this involves taking notes about each patient’s sufferings and applied procedures. On the other hand, it is about supervising and recording the bookkeeping operations of the massage therapy practice they run.