Is Hormone Replacement Therapy the Right Solution for You?

Hormone replacement therapy used to be prescribed as a treatment for menopause-related symptoms and as a means of ensuring one’s health in the long run. However, studies revealed concerning health risks that lead many people to wonder if this solution is right for them.

More and more women around the world turned to medication based on female hormones in order to replace the hormones no longer produced by their body after menopause and to treat hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.

They also hoped that the same hormone therapy would help them prevent heart diseases and even dementia in the long run. However, everything changed when various clinical trials showed that the risks associated with the treatment are greater than the benefits, especially in the case of older women.

While this determined some doctors to stop prescribing hormone treatments to their patients, others continued to investigate the matter and found solutions to minimize the risks and increase the benefits.

Nowadays, the success and safety of hormone replacement therapy depends mostly on the competency of the professional prescribing it and on how well they know their patient’s, their medical history and their health condition.

To find out if replacement therapy is right for you, visit an integrative medicine Denver area clinic.