The Best Foods That Improve Oral Hygiene and Health

Foods That Benefit Overall Dental Health

Dentists tell us that the foods we eat greatly influence the way our teeth develop and how much they last. Aside from good dental hygiene, it’s also very important to have a stable, healthy diet with foods that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy, preventing cavities and helping you avoid the pains and aches of gingivitis.


How Healthy Foods Can Improve Oral Health


While foods and products chosen to help reduce weight can be very popular, in most cases, you’ll find that foods that improve oral hygiene are somewhat underrated. This is true despite the fact that there are a lot of foods that can be used for oral health together with a variety of processes and procedures that we tend to be accustomed to already.


A good example is eating apples, which contain vital nutrients and vitamins, and also have a texture that soothes and supports the gums, going well together with a healthy, fluoride-rich toothpaste as well as other helpful methods for improving dental hygiene such as flossing.


Healthy foods can improve oral and dental health in a variety of ways. In most cases, it’s the actual nutrients that nourish the teeth and gums and help prevent inflammation. Calcium helps to strengthen your teeth, while B vitamins and folic acids also have many other health benefits. Among them can also be counted the fact that they can actually help treat gum disease, and not just prevent it.


The probiotic bacteria found in yogurt represent yet another good example of how specific nutrients within certain foods can assist with oral health. Probiotics and yogurt that has no added sugar will help you crowd out bacteria that causes cavities, keeping your teeth protected much longer than they normally would.


As stated about apples, some foods also have specific textures that can soothe and improve your nerves and gums, acting as the opposite of candy and soda, which would normally hinder your tooth health and cause severe toothaches, inflamed gums and cavities, and should be treated by a dentist in Lakewood at first symptom.


The Most Popular and Helpful Foods You Can Buy


If you love cheese, you can now add yet another reason to the list of why you might enjoy it. Cheese has been reported to be capable of balancing the pH in the mouths of study participants in a variety of research studies, helping them lower the risk that they’d experience tooth decay.


As shown earlier, the probiotics in yogurt can help a great deal. Combining that with a good salad featuring tasty, leafy greens like spinach and kale can ideally complement your nutrient levels, with calcium to strengthen the enamel, B vitamins to help avoid gum disease and antioxidants that act on your entire body in a highly beneficial way.


Carrots, celery and especially almonds have the necessary nutrients to strengthen your teeth even more. While the first two foods have a lot of fiber, and the stringy texture of celery even acts somewhat like a toothbrush, almonds are high in calcium and magnesium, as well as a variety of B vitamins and healthy fats. Moreover, its low simple carbohydrate content and the fact that it can still provide a lot of energy will make it easier for you to get healthy, empowering snacks that don’t hurt your teeth.