What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing An Oral Surgeon

Ask The Right Questions With Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Having to go through oral surgery is a major source of stress for most patients, therefore you need to make sure that the oral surgeon who will be performing your surgery is the best one in terms of professional knowledge and experience as well as a compassionate person who can understand your worries and calm you. Here are some of the questions that you should ask your surgeon before committing to the intervention.

Questions about Experience

It is very important to have a surgeon who is experienced in the type of intervention that you need. Oral surgery is a vast segment of the medical profession and no oral surgeon can be expected to be experienced in all types of procedures and interventions, that is why it is essential to find the specialist who is an expert in the treatment that you require. When talking to oral surgeons, ask them how many times they have performed the type of treatment that will be performed on you – the answer is very important for your final choice.

Questions about the Procedure

It is also very important to know what will happen to you during the intervention, so ask your doctor to walk you through the process from beginning to end. Ask about the type of anesthesia recommended, about how you will feel while under the effects of the drug, how long the procedure will take and what its steps are. You can also ask about how long it will take for the anesthesia to take effect and how long that effect will last, you can ask whether the wisdom tooth extraction Park Ridge doctor will use stitches and cuts, how long the intervention will take and how long you will have to rest in the doctor’s office before you can go home.

Questions about Dental Cleaning and Wound Care after Surgery

Most interventions performed by oral surgeons requires the patients to follow certain instructions regarding wound care and diet. After a dental extraction, for example, it is not recommended to consume any dairy products for a couple of days and you should pay increased attention to how you clean the wound area to prevent the loss of the blood clot that forms in the gap to protect the wound from infection. Ask the doctor to tell you about these measures and ask any questions that come to your mind – the doctor’s willingness to answer those questions will reveal a lot about how helpful and compassionate the doctor is as a person.

The Risks of the Surgery

Any surgical intervention entails risks and you need a doctor who is honest about the risks entailed by the type of procedure that you will go through.

The Costs of the Procedure

Many people are embarrassed to ask their doctor how much the intervention or treatment to be performed will cost, but the information is very important. Not all oral surgeons practice the same rates and you need to know exactly how much you will be charged before you choose your doctor and you schedule the intervention.